James Nally

Agency Accomplishments

  • 2018 Review and maintain Policies & Procedures re-writes for in house P&E Bureau.
  • 2016 Created the concept and Instructional Videos for a packaging and booking kiosk to assist Officer during the property evidence intake process.
  • 2014 Sole voice of Property Evidence for the opposition committe on SB 980 along with the California Forensic, District Attorney and Law Enforcement Communities collectively. (Reformed PC 1405)
  • 2006 Creation and Implementation of the Mobile Evidence Booking Team & the Real time wireless scanning project
  • 1999 Helped create DNA interpretation guidelines for of SB1342 (Orange County Trackers Program)
  • 1999 Collective participation consulting with independent contractor to define and create our in-house proprietary database management system for Property & Evidence.

Affiliation Projects

  • 2014-2018 Former C.A.P.E.  Executive State Board
  • 2017 Seminar Director for the 2017 Annual CAPE State Seminar in Anaheim California.
  • 2017 Fentanyl Subject Matter Expert for the 2018 Emmy award winning “Did You Know Series,” Fentanyl Exposure Risks” for P.O.S.T.
  • 2016-2018 Former consultant and instructor for the P.O.S.T. Evidence Management Course.
  • 2012-2014 Former President of the Orange County Chapter of C.A.P.E.


Rachelle LaPan

Special Assignments Worked/ Areas of Expertise:

Property & Evidence Manager (2002 – present)

Field Evidence Technician (FET) (2002 – present)

Police Officer (1987-1993)

Education / Certificates / Awards:

Honolulu Police Academy Graduate (1987)

Employee of the Year (2003)

CAPE General Member of California Association of Property & Evidence (2003-present)

Certificate in Basic & Advanced Field Evidence Technician, Cal State Long Beach (2003)

CAPE Central Coast Chapter President (2013)

Rachelle LaPan has 24 years in Law Enforcement, including seven years as an Officer with the Honolulu Police Department and the last 17 years as a Community Services Officer (CSO) for the Pismo Beach Police Department. (PBPD) Rachelle has successfully managed the Property and Evidence Unit and the sole Field Evidence Technician for the agency. The Pismo Beach Police Department continues to recognize their P&E Unit for consistently maintaining best practice standards. “This is a must,” Rachelle say’s as part of the department’s accreditation with CALEA (Commission of Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies) since 2007.

The importance of proper training and management of P&E is a vital part of the overall success of an agency. Rachelle is an active member of CAPE (California Association for Property and Evidence) and has served in many capacities for over 15 years, including on her chapter board and on the executive State Board. She has worked closely with peers and other agencies in bringing some of the best training and networking to property and evidence personnel.


Joining the “Chain Of Custody” team is the next right step, working to provide training and development to those desiring a successful career in the field of Property and Evidence Management. As an Instructor and Training Coordinator, Rachelle hopes to provide the tools for career-minded individuals looking to improve their Evidence Units by developing their skill set with knowledge and leadership.

Selena Gruning

BS Administration of Justice, Bellevue University

Associates in Digital Photography, Phi Theta Kappa, Deans List

Over 200 hours of Field Evidence Training, Crime Scene processing/reconstruction

80 hours of latent print development

Certified Property and Evidence Specialist

2013 Escondido Police Department Community Service Officer of the Year

2016 San Diego Property Officer of the Year, CAPE

2016 Property Officer of the Year for the state of California, CAPE

13 years in law enforcement. I hired on as a Community Service Officer in 2006 and cut my teeth in police work as a patrol CSO, learning the foundations of basic investigations, traffic collisions and evidence collection. I honed my skills in time management, the importance of team work, prioritizing and the fundamentals of building a case that investigators could pursue with results. I endeavor to make myself better through education and training, encourage knowledge sharing among my team better and help my department be an example of how to do things right. I’m honored to be involved in creating a comprehensive training program for Property Evidence folks. We can never forget our WHY: The collection, preservation and presentation of evidence throughout the justice system and its use to help the innocent & convict the guilty. Evidence is my passion.

Mother and Wife

Girl Scout Leader 2017-current

San Diego Chapter Vice President California Association for Property Evidence. 2016-current

Volunteer Sexual Assault Response Team/ DV response team 10 years with the Women’s Resource Center

U.S. Navy Veteran 1995-2004