Chain of Custody has a very unique and simple philosophy:

What sets Chain Of Custody apart is that we work in the industry. We are the boots on the ground, line staff instructors familiar with trends, processes and the day-to-day operations of a modern P&E Bureaus.

As members of various evidence units actively working in the industry for over three decades, we have talked to peers from all over California and have heard the same struggles and issues for far too long.

We have seen property evidence requirements double over the last 20 years. Fortunately, we have also seen the continuing advancements of technologies, which benefit our industry.

Just as Law Enforcement has evolved over the years, so too has the Property Evidence Industry. We are in the “Modern Era” of evidence, where DNA plays a significant part in crime solving, databased management helps us be more efficient, safekeeping bulk property is more abundant than ever, guns become more complex with each passing year, more responsibilities then ever with sexual assault evidence and the ever present threat of exposure to Fentanyl. We have our hands full and need training to connect the dots more than ever.

TRAIN – Learn and master the Flowchart of Evidence Management.

MAINTAIN – Continue to follow legislative changes that affect your duties.

SELF-DEVELOP – Always strive to be above reproach and reflect positively on your unit and department.

LEADERSHIP – Once you have mastered the above, the leadership will come in time.

Chain of Custody Has a Very Unique Mission Statement

It is our goal to be the premier education and career resource for Law Enforcement Property Evidence professionals.

Chain of Custody was started to help elevate the California Property Evidence Industry by pursuing two objectives:

Our mission is to provide the best possible training with a natural and progressive method of learning and an emphasis on understanding our roles as evidence professionals. The keys to success via the Chain of Custody Program are job knowledge, self-development, professionalism and leadership.

Chain of Custody’s second priority is to work with Law Enforcement Administrators to promote awareness of the critical role that evidence officers play in law enforcement, and the importance of having a career path for the employees of these specialty units.

Our values focus on:

  • Inspiring new property evidence professionals to embrace their career
  • Encourage seasoned Property Evidence professionals to continuously develop their skill set and raise the bar
  • Champion a career trajectory for Property Evidence professionals by creating a synergistic relationship with Administrators